How long can your business survive without its data?

1 minute or 1 month?

If you rely on data to make decisions and propel forward, don’t wait until it’s too late.

We are Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Data Platform geeks. We specialise in disaster recovery, high availability, migrations, administration, automation, performance and monitoring. We design, build, migrate and run highly available databases and data platforms for your peace of mind. We also mentor technical data teams.

Hi, I’m Marcin

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I am a Microsoft SQL Server DBA, Developer and data geek with over 20 years of experience designing and managing enterprise data environments. I am also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

Sargable is a derivation of “search argumentable” and is a condition in relational databases where the query can take advantage of the index to speed up execution.

I started Sargable with a simple goal: to help small and medium businesses achieve data availability previously only reserved for large enterprises. We help companies use SQL Servers to their full potential and to minimise costs. We provide the necessary expertise, mentoring and blending with your team.

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How we work

As much as we want to help everyone, this is not always possible. Most environments we look at require some changes. We like to work with businesses committed to change to achieve the best results. To ensure 100% satisfaction, we have a strict process in place.

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