Deploy SQLWATCH with dbatools

I am happy to announce that thanks to our fantastic SQL Server Community it is now possible to deploy SQLWATCH using dbatools. If you work with SQL Server and are not familiar with dbatools you should check it out now, it will change your DBA life forever.

With dbatools we can now streamline deployments and updates of SQLWATCH across the entire SQL Server estate in a matter of minutes.


Install-DbaSqlWatch -SqlInstance SQL-TEST-1,SQL-TEST-2,SQL-TEST-3 -Database SQLWATCH

Watch the below example:


Behind the scenes, the deployment is done using dacpac and operates on the desired state configuration approach which means it will work out what needs to be done to bring the database to the latest version. To update SQLWATCH all we have to do is to re-run the install as in the step above.


Removal is equally easy:

Uninstall-DbaSqlWatch -SqlInstance SQL-TEST-2

Thank you #sqlamily

Finally, I would like to thank Chrissy LeMaire for dbatools and Ken K ( for contributing the Install-DbaSqlWatch .

This post was originally published on 18th May 2020.

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Marcin Gminski
August 12, 2021

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