TSQL Tuesday #127 – Non SQL Tips and tricks

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is hosted by Kenneth Fisher and is quite interesting as it has nothing to do with T-SQL. Here’s my very short contribution

Multi-line typing with Alt

Mind blowing hack that works in majority of text and code editors. Press Alt and highlight the area where you want to start typing:

You can type anywhere, not only at the beginning of the line:

Quickly Lock your Windows Workstation

So every time you leave your company computer unattended you should lock it. This is to comply with data protection and security policies but if you do it often, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and then mouse over and click the Lock is time consuming. Forget it. Just press Win+L and you are sorted.

Or, if you are running recent Windows 10 build, you could use your phone to automatically lock it. It works over Bluetooth and when the connection is lost because you have left the room, the Windows locks.

However, speaking from my own experience, I often see my screen locks in the middle of something because Bluetooth connection dropped so perhaps may not be the best idea, especially when you are presenting online :)

Which side is my fuel cap?

Do you sometimes get confused which side of the fuel pump you should pull in to at the petrol station? Well, there is a chance that you missed this simple indicator in your car. In mine, that little arrow next to the pump icon tells me my fuel cap is on the left side of the vehicle:

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Posted by
Marcin Gminski
June 9, 2020

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